About William C. Rott & Son - Trusted Roofing & Home Improvement Company in Buffalo


What We Believe

Our Values


We experience fulfillment through pursuing and delivering on what matters most for our customers, our business and each other.  In this commitment, we recognize and honor God.


We are committed to fulfilling on, and exceeding, the expectations of our customers and partners – and will make it right when we don’t.

We are reliable to do what works for our business, while recognizing and responding to the needs of our families and communities.


For us, love is a conscious choice and is embodied in our everyday interactions.  We act from an unselfish acceptance of, and respect for, one another. We care enough to help each other succeed, while forgiving each other’s mistakes.


Teddy Roosevelt was president. The Lincoln penny was minted for the first time and a young man from North Collins began a home improvement business. That young man was Jay Rott, founder of what is now William C. Rott and Son. Back in nineteen o’ nine Jay Rott was putting on roofs made out of wooden shingles. His tools were a hammer and nails and a horse drawn carriage. Over a hundred years have passed and we’re still here. We’ve been fortunate to be present at every significant stage of roofing progress and have been shielding homes across Western New York the entire time. We’ve witnessed every technology change in the industry and, in most cases, were the first to implement them. From ice shield to shingles to valleys to the way the roof is installed. Windows, doors, siding and insulation have all been added to our arsenal to provide a truly integrated home shielding system. There is no other team in Western New York that builds a shield for your home like William C. Rott and Son.


William C. Rott & Son has been a a trusted local roofing company for over 100 years, we’ve practically invented the art of roofing! Along the way, we’re proud to have become experts in everything home improvement.