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Water is the enemy. From its dark fortress high above, it plots to rip your hard-fought comfort from underneath you and your home. Your gutters are supposed to be a vital defense against the ravages of water’s onslaught against your foundation. Water can’t leak in, settle and freeze or do any of its merciless worst if it can’t get close enough. Some gutters, sadly, are designed to abandon their duty.

William C. Rott & Son can help. Whether you need gutter repairs, gutter cleaning or just need new gutters altogether, we’ve got great products as well as the experience and knowledge that put our gutter system to work.

Thicker body construction: .032 Alloy-hardened versus .027

A little thickness makes a huge difference. The average gutter sold is .027 or .028 in thickness. This is what is known as “0 Two Thin”. While it looks the same as the thicker gutter, it will not perform the same. If you put a ladder on this gutter to clean it or get up on your roof, you will crush it. During the winter, if it fills with ice and water, it will rip fairly easily. A gutter that is .032 (Alloy hardened) will not crush under a ladder or rip easily under normal conditions.

Longer lasting finish: It’s okay to think your gutters are beautiful

The paint that is put on the gutter does matter. Like every other product, there are different grades. From a 20 degree paint all the way up to 80 degree paint; the higher the number, the more glossy the finish which keeps the surface of the gutter cleaner. Higher quality 80 degree paint will also be a heat hardened acrylic enamel finish. This form of paint will allow it to stay bright and shiny for a long time. Nobody wants a longer lasting gutter if it looks worn out before its time.

Seamless Gutters

With enhanced manufacturing and installation, today’s gutters are usually made on the spot and are seamless, thereby having few connection points to leak. They also look nicer. Gutters are normally 5” in size, but 6” gutters can be made for problem areas. Gutters used to be installed with spikes and ferrules. Today, we are using a hidden hanger system that gives a more secure anchoring system while giving a clean look at the same time. Unlike others using the hidden hanger system who install the hidden hangers at random spots, we take the time to find the rafters and screw our hangers into them, giving an extremely secure connection. The downspouts are also made of aluminum, are expandable and are secured to the home with fastener straps.

You don’t like cleaning your gutters, so don’t.

The very best gutter system can get overrun by leaf invasion. Some homes are more prone to clogged gutters because of surrounding foliage. The national pass time of cleaning your gutters is still a viable response if you’re feeling nostalgic. For those of us who don’t want to have our schedule dictated by leaves there’s Leaf Relief. Leaf Relief is easily installed into our gutter system to allow water to freely flow through and away from your home while preventing leafs, pine needles and other small debris from ever penetrating your gutter. A normal breeze is enough to sweep any settled debris free and clear of your gutters.

Water may be the enemy but it doesn’t have to be victorious. Shield your home with a courageous conqueror; a gutter system that will leave you pleasantly high and dry.