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Nothing stays the same forever; especially weather in Buffalo

Change changes things. When we began installing roofs in 1909 we used a horse drawn carriage. We use trucks now. They’re easier than horses. A lot more has changed since then, too. The materials have changed. The technology to install them has changed. The methods for installing a roof, windows, doors and siding have all evolved. We decided a long time ago that to keep our promises to our customers we’d need to evolve, too. We’ve committed to staying well educated in our field to provide you with the soundest shield for your home. We seek out new methods and materials, and then test them. If they do what they claim to do, we incorporate them. If they don’t then we stick with what works. We change selectively to preserve the integrity of our product and our commitment to you.

If you’d like a crash course in what over a century has taught us then read any or all of these brief articles. Many were written years ago and still apply today.

Winter is a Great Time for Roofing

Have You Checked Your Roof Recently?

Blue Tarps Are TEMPORARY

The Truth About Installing Shingles in Winter

Can we help answer questions about replacing or repairing your roof?

Tips to ensure a happy home improvement

Your greatest investment is your home. When it comes to making a home improvement, and selecting a contractor, proceed with carefulness. Avoid being a victim of unscrupulous contractors like the 1,200 people who reported about such to the New York Attorney General Office in 2011. Here are some tips compiled from the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau to help you make a good contractor decision.

Good gutter systems guard your home

Gutter and downspout systems are a key element in protecting your home during times of heavy rains. Their job is to prevent damage to the foundation and sides of a home by keeping water away. They keep huge amounts of water from running off your roof, down your walls and around your foundation. They also prevent water from plummeting down on your head when entering or leaving your home.

Your homeowner’s policy DOES NOT cover contractors

Regrettably, many homeowners have paid dearly for using uninsured contractors, discovering too late that they ARE NOT covered under their homeowner’s policy (as a lot of people think).

When hiring for a home improvement project, make sure the contractor you choose is covered by both General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance! General Liability covers damage to your property during the course of the work. Workers Compensation protects workers if injured while working at your home.

Free Estimates – A Curse Or A Blessing?

The recent winter storms have caused a deluge of calls for “free estimates”. The majority of homeowners all across America have traditionally been drawn to the magical words “Free estimates”!

As a family owned business that started over 100 years ago, the challenge is ever ending to find the 60% of homeowners who want a good job at a fair price and in fact know the real value of the word free.

Low Maintenance Vinyl Siding Is The Ideal Choice For Homes Of Any Age

The life cycle of your home is in one of three stages at this moment: new, in need of repainting or requiring extensive re-pairs to restore its attractive appearance.

So whether you’re building a new home or in the process of remodeling your present residence, you should be well aware of the low maintenance features of solid vinyl before selecting a siding material.