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Professional Siding Contractors in Buffalo, NY

Professional Siding Contractors in Buffalo, NY

Siding offers your home a crucial protective barrier. Our team will equip your house with the right materials to face New York’s harsh, frigid winters. If you need to install new siding or replace your current house siding, contact WM C Rott and Son today.

Why Invest in Quality Siding?

Other than the roof, the siding is arguably the most important element of your home to maintain. You need quality siding if you value your house’s appearance and energy efficiency.

  • Insulation

    Excellent insulation is essential in a place like Buffalo, NY. Vinyl siding is the first line of defense against harsh weather, from winter storms to summer heat.

  • Waterproofing

    Moisture is a leading culprit of home deterioration. The best vinyl siding helps “waterproof” the house by protecting it from mold growth, rain, and weather-related damage.

  • Save on Energy Costs

    Proper siding and insulation help a home maintain a steady temperature and reduce air leaks. This can significantly reduce energy costs and make your home more efficient.

  • Protection from Pests

    Buffalo homes can experience damage from insects and other pests – especially when warping and cracking allow them to enter. You can prevent this by sealing the exterior with siding installation.

Our Siding Process

  • Step 1: Wind and Draft Barrier

    We’ll first wrap your home with a protective barrier that keeps moisture and other contaminants out.

  • Step 2: Insulation

    Next, we’ll apply a breathable, hard-density insulation board that lets any trapped moisture escape – without releasing energy from inside.

  • Step 3: Install Paneling

    Finally, our team will install a more durable, thick-paneled siding. This will act as the beautiful exterior of your home’s new high-performance shield.

Protect Your Home – The Right Way

Siding is designed to protect your home from a wide range of risks, from fires to heavy rains and pests. If your siding is outdated, old, or deteriorated, you might see spikes in your utility bills, as well as signs of damage.

The sooner you replace your house siding, the better you can preserve your home’s value. Don’t wait until moisture, pests, and cold/hot air have seeped into your home before you act.

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Siding FAQs

Vinyl is the most durable and longest-lasting siding material. Typically, vinyl siding can last upwards of 60 years with proper backing.
Vinyl siding usually costs around $12 per square foot to install. However, some materials and installation options are more budget-friendly than others.
Vinyl siding installation typically includes removing old siding, preparing the space, insulating the space, and installing the siding.
Energy-efficient vinyl house siding can save most homeowners about 30% on their annual energy bills.
Reputable siding contractors are skilled at working with various materials, including vinyl tile, aluminum, and others. They’re also in compliance with the latest safety and industry-specific regulations.
At WM C Rott and Son, we’ve been providing full roofing services for over a century, including vinyl siding repair, installation, and replacement. Trust our Buffalo siding contractors to protect your home.