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Buffalo roof tune-up

Roof Tune-Up Services in Buffalo

Roof Tune-Up Services in Buffalo

Many people wait until the last minute to care for their roofs – and that can be an expensive mistake. The longer you ignore roof maintenance, the higher the risk of pricey repairs or replacements becomes.

Prolong the life of your roof with regular tune-ups instead of emergency repairs. William C. Rott & Son is here to keep your Buffalo roof in excellent condition for many years to come.

What’s Included in a Roof Tune-Up Package?

During roof tune-up appointments, our team of experts does everything necessary to assess, repair, and maintain your roof. We’ll conduct a general roof examination, but we also offer…

  • Roof Report + Photos

    Don’t just take our word on the state of your roof – see it all for yourself. We provide full roof reports complete with photos documenting any damage or issues we spot.

  • Up to 2 Shingle Replacements, if needed

    Our technicians will replace up to two shingles that are torn, damaged, or otherwise compromised. If your checkup reveals more than two broken shingles, we’ll help you plan a course of action.NOTE: The shingles would be owner provided.

  • This is all included for only $255 (plus tax).*

    If you’ve noticed wear and tear on your roof, don’t just ignore it. Act before the problems escalate. *Some exclusions may apply. Call for details.

  • Seal Plumbing Vent Pipes

    The flashing of vent pipes prevents water from leaking into your house. During our Buffalo roof tune-ups, we ensure all vent pipes are properly sealed and ready to withstand New York weather.

  • Chimney and Siding Inspection

    We don’t just assess your roof’s shingles for damage. Our tune-up team will also scope out your chimney and sidings, then address any concerns we may discover.

How to Book a Buffalo Roof Tune-Up Package

  • STEP 1: Reach Out

    Fill out the contact form below. One of our expert roof technicians will receive and review your submission, then contact you directly.

  • STEP 2: Plan Your Tune-Up

    Schedule your maintenance appointment based on your timeline and preferences. We want to make things easy – you don’t even have to be home while we conduct the tune-up.

  • STEP 3: Pay for What You Get

    Our crew of roof technicians will arrive at your doorstep, ready to conduct an assessment. If we survey your roof and determine that the damage is too minimal or extensive for a tune-up, we’ll let you know. Don’t worry – our initial consultation is free of charge. If we don’t perform services, you don’t pay.

Contact Our Roof Tune-Up Team Today

Think your roof could use some touch-ups? Contact our roof maintenance crew to schedule a free consultation. We’ll provide you with an upfront roof tune-up cost estimate and help you decide which services you need.

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Roof Maintenance FAQs

Think of a roof tune-up like a regular dental cleaning appointment. You need one at least once a year (if not more frequently) to keep everything healthy and in tip-top shape. We’ll polish things up, assess for risks, and leave you feeling confident about the state of your roof.
Our Buffalo roof tune-ups start at $255. Of course, roof tune-up pricing can vary depending on the size of the house, its unique conditions, and any additional services you may require.
A simple roof maintenance appointment can take as little as one hour. However, if there is extensive damage or we discover unusual circumstances, our Buffalo roof tune-ups may take up to a full day.
We recommend scheduling a tune-up appointment for your Buffalo roof at least annually. If your home experiences harsh weather or is located under dense foliage, you may need to push this to twice a year or more to prolong your roof’s life.