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Low Maintenance Vinyl Siding Is The Ideal Choice For Homes Of Any Age

The life cycle of your home is in one of three stages at this moment: new, in need of repainting or requiring extensive re-pairs to restore its attractive appearance.

So whether you’re building a new home or in the process of remodeling your present residence, you should be well aware of the low maintenance features of solid vinyl before selecting a siding material.

Once vinyl siding is properly applied, it will give any house a freshly painted look, providing home owners with years of freedom from repainting and tiresome upkeep. The only maintenance required is simple soap and water rinse.

The product’s low maintenance features, combined with an attractive wood-grain or “brushed” appearance, have made vinyl the most popular American siding material. More questions? An excellent resource: go to www.mastic.com/ for product selection and for a certified contractor in your area.

Lifetime Warranty

Adding to this appeal is the lifetime warranty that major manufactures offer for standard and premium lines of vinyl siding.

Made of tough PVC (polyvinyl chloride) compound, it cannot corrode or dent like aluminum and will not chip, peel or rot like wood. Color is molded clear through, so that even deep scratches will not show, with over 100 designer colors to choose from.

Select Contractor Carefully

And while it is important to invest in good quality materials from a reputable manufacturer, like Mastic, it is equally important to select a professional home improvement contractor whose workmanship can be trusted.

In most cases, the overall quality of the job is only as good as the craftsman applying the siding.

Recognizing the need for finding reputable home remodelers. several manufacturers have a unique Professional Vinyl Siding Contractor Certification Program that acknowledges the best craftsmen in the field.

To be certified, contractors must meet certain criteria for experience, commitment to ethical practices and professional reputation. Once certified, the contractor agrees to abide by the code set forth by the manufacturer. Several manufacturers offer a minimum of (2) years on Workmanship in additional to Manufacturers Lifetime Material Warrantees. A few offer up to 20 years , but be careful if the firm has only been around 5-10 years, you could have a problem down the road finding them.

As required by NY State Law, contractors are also required to provide clear, written estimates and contracts, and carry insurance coverage for workers’ compensation, personal injury and property damage. This includes a total price for the complete job.