While we like to say that looks don’t matter, they do when it comes to your home. The exterior appearance of your house can make a big difference in its curb appeal and even its overall value. Having old, worn-out siding that is faded, cracked, or simply outdated will instantly create a negative impression of the way your home looks.

However, replacing the siding can do far more than just improve the way your home looks. Nearly one-third of US homeowners who installed new siding on their home did so solely to improve the energy efficiency of their house.

As energy costs continue to rise, creating a more efficient house is certainly important. A recent survey even concluded that 70% of homeowners across all age groups agreed that living in an energy-efficient home was a top priority.

But what does replace the siding have to do with improving the energy efficiency of your house?

1. Siding is More than an External Project

When you replace the siding of your home, you might also need to replace the sheathing below. The sheathing is a material between the interior walls and exterior siding that adds structure. When you remove the siding, you also expose the insulation below. If there are any signs of rot damage or if less energy-efficient materials were used, this allows you to replace them.

During your home siding replacement, your entire house will also be wrapped with a wind and water barrier. This creates a breathable insulation layer that will not trap in moisture but does help to regulate your home’s internal temperature. They should also add extra flashing around the doors and windows to prevent any leaks.


There are a lot of different kinds of insulation available, but the more rigid and hard-density material used, the better. This offers better thermal resistance, so your home won’t heat up when it’s hot outside or cool down when it’s freezing.

2. Not All Types of Siding are Created Equal

There are lots of brands and styles of vinyl siding available, but not all will offer such energy efficiency benefits. Lots of the cheaper brands use thin vinyl plastic, which provides very little added insulation.

The quality of the siding on your home as well as the insulation beneath can impact its ability to retain both heated and cooled air. Lower-quality siding will allow the air to seep out fairly easily. It is estimated that up to 35% of air escapes through the walls of poorly insulated homes. That’s a lot of wasted heating and cooling costs!

It should also be noted that another purpose of vinyl siding is to protect the insulation beneath. Cheap, thin siding can crack, exposing the materials to moisture or pests like termites that can destroy it. The stuff underneath the siding like the backer board, insulation and tiebacks are what help most with energy efficiency. So, you need to install good siding to protect those elements from damage.

Remember that it isn’t just the siding of your home that impacts its energy efficiency. If your heating and cooling bills have been significantly rising, consider making other upgrades. For instance, the windows installed in your home could also be letting a lot of heat in or out. You might want to replace them along with your siding for more noticeable results.

3. How Does New Siding Installation Work?

Although some siding promises it can be installed as a DIY project, it is highly recommended you go with professional installation. First of all, it is more difficult than you may think to layer siding evenly all over a home. But secondly (and more importantly), poor installation can cause major issues, especially if water seeps into the structure beneath.

W.C. Rott offers professional home siding replacement with our unique 3-layering service. WE start with a draft barrier wrap, followed by a hard-density insulation board underneath the siding. This helps to prevent too much airflow, while also warding off moisture from getting into the inner layers.

Finally, our top-quality thick paneled siding is layered on top in a staggered pattern for a more natural, seamless look. We offer a wide variety of stylish colors and exclusively use aluminum nails beneath to prevent rusting. Plus, all of our workmanship is covered with a 20-year warranty!

Is it Time to Get New Siding?

Take a look at the siding on your home – does it look faded, damaged, or simply outdated?

Take a look at your energy bill – have you noticed that the cost of heating and cooling keeps rising?

If so, chances are it is time to look into siding replacement. New siding can help to improve the look of your home while offering the additional benefit of energy efficiency. W. C. Rott & Son can help you make this important upgrade to your Buffalo, NY home – plus we offer 0% financing to make it affordable for anyone!

Get in touch with us for a free estimate and to learn more about our 3-layer siding replacement process.