When school started last month, three of my kids were about to catch the bus for Ledgeview elementary. As it was Nathans first day of kindergarten, my wife’s baby; tears were sure to come. It promised to be a memorable send off. Pictures were taken, hugs and kisses were lavished upon the soon to embark.

All was perfect, that is, until a certain 2 year old shiatsu decided to dart across the busy, very busy, Goodrich rd., to say hello to a passing Rottweiler. I darted close behind him, holding up hands, hoping the speeding cars would recognize my authority to stop the forces of nature, and laws of physics. Well, call it luck, or providence, I’m just thankful the memory of a squashed family pet was not the one that launched this year’s first day of school.

Similarly, as people get ready to embark on the journey of getting a roof; they have all their ducks getting lined up to board that roofing bus when suddenly, the cheap price squirrel comes darting across their path, drawing them into the low quality, oncoming traffic, where things probably won’t end as well as it did for my kids and our impetuous pooch.
Steve Rott – Wm. C Rott, Shield your home.