Maintaining your roof is incredibly important – especially here in New York, where the climate is harsh all year around. Your roof is the front line in protecting not only the structure of your home but your family as well. Yet, New York’s snowy winters and steamy summers put great stress and pressure on your roof.

Over time with the sudden temperature and weather changes, moss can grow on your roof. Left untreated, this can lead to serious issues like leaks and moisture damage. Of course, the last thing you want is to have a problem like moss lead to an expensive roof repair or total roof replacement.

For that reason, roof moss removal is something that needs to be addressed immediately. But how can you remove moss from your roof? In this guide, we’ll cover the best methods for roof moss removal and how to keep it clean.

How Does Moss Damage a Roof?

If installed properly by a quality roofing professional, you can expect your roof to last 15 to 30 years or longer. Yet, moss growth can take years off a roof’s lifespan if left untreated – costing you money. 

Moss can cause virtually any roofing material to degrade. This includes: 

  • Wood
  • Asphalt
  • Clay
  • Concrete

Moss begins growth as a thin layer on and eventually between your shingles. The growth causes the shingles to lift up, allowing water to seep in. This leads to leaks and wood rot. 

Moss is also a natural breeding ground for insects to feed on your roof, increasing the risk of damage from these pests. Pests such as termites and even rodents can create nests and inhabit not only your roof but eventually inside your home if left unchecked. 

Sunlight is also blocked from reaching your roof by moss growth. This means that your roof can’t dry out, causing moisture damage and leading to moss growth. In the most severe cases, this moisture and moss growth can cause your roof and gutters to rot. That leads to potentially expensive roof repairs or replacements. A roof replacement averages $10,000 and upwards – which is a big dent in your household budget that makes roof moss removal even more critical.

Safety Consideration for Roof Moss Removal

Before you start removing moss from your roof, make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions. This includes using a sturdy ladder and wearing protective gear. You may also want to secure yourself with a safety rope. 

Examples of some gear that you will want to have include:

  • Slip-resistant shoes
  • Old clothes
  • Rubber gloves
  • Eye protection

Do not attempt roof moss removal if there is any snow or ice on your roof.  It’s safest to wait until your roof is dry before you attempt to climb up to remove moss from the roof. That means no rain, no snow, and no ice. Safety is your top priority.

When removing moss, be careful to avoid damaging shingles or gutters. If damaged, they’re both expensive to repair and replace. Make sure you follow these steps to remove the moss and prevent any damage to the structure of your home.

  1. Spray your roof with water.
  2. Scrub the shingles with a cleaner that you can buy at a home improvement store. 
  3. Apply moss remover, also found at a local store.
  4. Rinse your roof to get the cleaner and moss off the roof.
  5. Scrub off any remaining moss and rinse the roof one more time.

If you’re concerned, it’s a good idea to contact a company that has roof moss removal services. A company that removes moss from roofs will do so safely and efficiently. So, you don’t have to risk damage to your home or injury.

Why Hire Professional Roof Moss Cleaning Services?

Buffalo gets more rain than the average American state, getting 165 wet days per year. Don’t let it create moisture-related problems on your roof.

Professional roof moss cleaning services are often the best option for removing large amounts of moss from your roof. They have the tools, equipment, and experience needed to safely remove moss from your roof without damaging your shingles or gutter.

It’s also recommended that you have your roof cleaned at least two times per year. During a routine roof care appointment, your roof will be assessed for damage, and debris can be removed. If moss or algae is detected, your roof moss removal contractor can create a plan to remove the moss and protect your roof against future growth.

Need to Schedule a Roof Moss Cleaning Service?

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