Do you ever think about the importance of your windows? How they keep the elements out and help to regulate the temperature in your home? Most of us take them for granted, but our windows actually play a vital role in our daily lives.

Like most things in our homes, windows don’t last forever. Over time, they can become worn down and less effective at doing their job.

There will eventually come a time when your windows will need to be replaced, even with regular upkeep. What do you do then? How do you tell if you need to replace an old window?

Here are five signs your windows need replacement.

1. Your Windows Are Difficult to Operate

Do you have trouble when you try to open or close your windows? A sure sign that there are issues with your windows is that they are becoming increasingly difficult to open and close. This could be due to a warped window frame thanks to moisture or even age.

Warping can also occur when a window frame is misaligned and made worse due to weather. The extreme weather in Buffalo wreaks havoc on windows. Sometimes you can replace the window frame and solve the issue.

Other times, especially if the damage is extensive, it’s in your best interest to replace an old window. Old or damaged windows can lead to other structural issues in your home if not addressed quickly.

2. You Notice Excessive Outside Noise

Have you ever had to turn up the volume on your television or radio to block out the noise from outside? If so, it might be time to think about a window replacement.

Excessive outside noise indicates that your windows are no longer blocking out sound. Also, if they aren’t blocking sound, do you know what else they’re not keeping out? The elements. This includes poor air quality or even rain and snow.

Your windows have weather stripping and seals that help block out the weather and outside noise. When this seal begins to fail, you’ll hear it on the inside in the form of all kinds of air pollution. To keep your home comfortable and your family healthy, it might be time to replace your old window.

3. Your Window Frames are Cracked or Damaged

Have you ever taken the time to look around your windows at the frame? If your window frames are cracked or damaged, it can create problems with the function and appearance of your windows.

In some instances, the damage can be repaired by a window professional. This can involve replacing parts of the frame or adding new support to the window. However, if the damage is extensive, you might want to consider replacing the old window completely. While that may seem daunting, it’s easily done by a professional.

Most window service companies will replace your old windows with Energy Star-rated products. These can improve your home’s energy efficiency and make you more comfortable. Studies show that Energy-Star-rated windows can save you between 9% and 22% on your energy bill.

4. Your Energy Bills Keep Going

Sometimes, the most apparent clues are the hardest to see. Take a look at your most recent energy bill. Now compare it to the last 3-6 months’ bills. Do you see a change? Are your energy bills rising? It could be due to leaking windows.

Heat gain and loss through windows are responsible for 40 to 45% of residential heating and cooling energy use. Even the smallest cracks or gaps around your windows can let in cold air in the winter and hot air in the summers. Buffalo’s extreme temperatures can cost you and your family a lot of money.

Over time, these tiny leaks can lead to big headaches and even bigger bills. While you may not want to spend the money on a window replacement, the money you save will more than make up for it – your new windows will pay for themselves in no time.

5. Your Home’s Curb Appeal Has Sunk

Let’s face it. You’ve got a lot invested in your home. If your windows are cracked, chipped, or peeling, your whole home looks run-down from the outside. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’ve put a lot of work into keeping up the appearance of your home.

You want to be proud of your home, but these issues affect curb appeal and make you want to avoid looking up at it. Not only that, but what if you’re selling your home? Window issues can lead to a decreased resale value. Even worse, potential home buyers might just drive right by without taking another glance.

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to replace old windows in your home. New windows will enhance your home’s curb appeal and make it look well-kept and cared for. This is important if you’re trying to sell your home or even just want to make a good impression on the neighbors.

In Conclusion

Your home is the biggest investment you can make. It protects you and your family, and your life revolves around the activities that take place inside and out. The windows of your home are an integral part of that. Why ignore window issues that can lead to bigger problems?

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