If your gutters aren’t functioning properly, it can lead to severe issues that will cost you more money down the line.

If your gutters are clogged, water will not be able to drain away from your home properly. This can lead to much more serious problems, including foundation damage, landscaping damage, and even flooding in your home. No one wants that to happen.

There are some things that you can look for to tell if you have clogged gutters. These are signs that are visible to the naked eye and don’t require a ladder or professional to diagnose. Here are five signs your gutters are clogged.

1. There’s Water Spilling Over the Sides

Often the first sign of a blocked gutter is water spilling over onto the ground below. This is especially visible during heavy downpours, like the ones we get here in Buffalo. However, even with light rain, you’ll be able to see the signs of a clog in your gutters.

If left unchecked, this can lead to more serious problems for your gutters and even your roof. A clog can lead to costly repairs. Your roof and gutters protect your home’s structure and need to be taken care of like anything else in your house. Don’t overlook gutter issues or think that a potential clog will just fix itself.

If you see or even hear water spilling over the sides of your gutters, be proactive and act right away to clear your gutters. Be safe about it, though. If you don’t have the means to reach your gutters or are not physically able, call a roof professional to come out and resolve the issue for you. It’s not worth serious injury when a trusted roof professional can fix the clog for you.

2. Your Gutters Are Sagging

It’s amazing what you can see with your own eyes if you know what to look for. If you see your gutters sagging or pulling away from your home, this could be caused by a clog. This is not only a structural issue but a safety one as well.

Sagging gutters are usually caused by the weight of the water and debris that has built up over time. Debris might include leaves, dirt, or grime. This might not seem like much but combined with the weight of the water, it’s too much for your gutters to withstand.

Blocked gutters that pull away from the roof can also lead to structural issues with your roof. Roof damage can not only lead to leaks and other problems for your home, but it can lead to pricey repairs. No one wants that to happen for something as easily fixed as a clogged gutter. If you see that your gutters are sagging, act immediately to avoid further damage.

3. Pests and Birds Are Living in Your Gutters

We all love having wildlife around our homes. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit on a porch or in a chair in a yard chair and just listen to the birds chirping. But do you want them living in your gutters? No, you don’t.

If you notice birds or other pests that seem to be living in your gutters, it can be a sure sign you have blocked gutters. In most instances, these animals are attracted to the damp conditions and food found in gutters.

When your gutters have standing water in them, you’ll also see pests like mosquitos, flies, or other flying nuisances. Not only are they annoying, but they harbor diseases that can spread to your family. When this happens, it’s a good idea to call a professional to eliminate the blockage, so your pests go away.

4. You Notice Things Growing in Your Gutters

One of the surest signs you have a clogged gutter is if you notice things growing in your gutters. Plants, moss, and even mold love damp conditions and will start popping up if you leave the clog unresolved.

Things growing in your gutters aren’t just an issue for your gutters. Mold and moss love to travel. They’ll travel up on your roof, under your shingles, and eventually infiltrate your home.

So, if things begin growing on top of your home and the issue isn’t corrected, they’ll get into your home…guaranteed. If the mold gets into your home, you won’t just be dealing with a gutter or roof issue – you could be dealing with health issues. Be sure to clean out your gutters and remove any source of moisture to not only protect your home, but your family as well.

5. Your Gutters Are Making Weird Noises

You’ll not only see signs of a clog in your gutters, but you’ll also hear things as well. When you start hearing strange noises from your gutter, it’s time to look for an issue.

Buffalo is famous for its extreme weather and rainstorms. After those heavy rains, go out and just listen for a minute. Do you hear gurgling, dripping, or even banging? This is probably caused by water trying to drain through a blockage in your gutter. When that happens, you’ll hear all sorts of strange noises.

If you ever start hearing any of these noises, it’s time to take immediate action and clear out your gutters.

Wrap Up

Most people never think about their gutters. They cling to the side of your house and don’t get any further thought. But what happens if you have a clogged or blocked gutter? That can cause damage to your home that can be expensive or worse. You need to know what to look for in case your gutters are clogged.

A full-service residential roofing company like W.C. Rott & Son can clean and inspect your gutters to ensure you don’t have any other damage due to a blockage. We know that Buffalo’s extreme weather can take a toll on your gutters and roof.

Contact us today so we can provide you with the peace of mind we’ve provided to thousands of other customers over the last century.