We do a lot to keep the inside of our home clean. We dust, sweep, mop, and scrub the place top to bottom to make sure things look nice.

But one area that we often forget to take care of is the outside of the house – particularly the roof. You may not have realized that roof cleaning services exist!

Now, first and foremost, you may be wondering why cleaning your roof is necessary. Doesn’t the rain do that job for you? Well, no – not exactly.

Even if you live in an area with high precipitation, your roof will get quite dirty. Bacteria, dirt, and algae build up on roofing materials over time.

In fact, rainwater can even make this worse in some instances and promote microbial growth. This is bad news for roofing in Buffalo, NY – since we have precipitation 164 days out of the year!

Over time, the algae, dirt, moss, and bacteria will cause discoloration that makes your shingles look darker and dirtier.

This can actually ruin your shingles as well. Algae and bacteria will eat through roofing material, which can cause moisture to seep into your home. This could mean that you’ll need to replace parts of or even your entire roof much faster than anticipated!

To extend the life of your roof and keep it looking fresh and new, you should look into professional roof cleaning services.

Here’s what you need to know about roof cleaning.

A. How Do I Know I Need a Roof Cleaning?

Even if your roof is fairly new, you might need roof cleaning services. The most obvious sign that a cleaning is necessary is visible shading or discoloration.

Algae, bacteria, and dirt create dark shadows where the shingles overlap.

If you are starting to see some of your shingles lifting, warping, or there is any moss visible, schedule a cleaning right away.

Now, this could be hard to spot if your shingles are darker in color. So, another indication to look for is dirty run-off from your gutters. If the water that runs off when it rains is dirty, that is because it is dragging off the grime from the roof.

Another warning sign is simply the age of your roof. Most roofers recommend that you schedule cleaning services within the first five years after the shingles are installed.

Then, you should have your roof cleaned every year or two after that. If you can’t remember the last time your roof was cleaned, chances are it’s time to schedule this service!

B. Can I Clean My Roof Myself?

Of course, some eager DIYers may wonder if they can just climb their roof with a hose and soap and do the job themselves.

However, you should leave roof cleaning services to the professionals for several very important reasons.

You Can Damage Your Roof

First, you can very easily damage your roof by cleaning it improperly. You need to apply some pressure to clean off built-up gunk on the shingles.

If you use too much from a hose or power washer, you can dislodge shingles.

Further, if you damage the roof yourself, you will most likely void its warranty. This means that you will have to pay for the repairs entirely out of pocket.

When you book professional roof cleaning services, you are covered under their warranty – so any damage will be paid for.

You Could Slip and Fall

There is also the risk of slipping and falling if you try to clean the roof yourself. The water runoff makes the roof quite slippery, so the chances of this happening are quite high. There is no need to put yourself in harm’s way just to get your roof clean! Just let professional roof cleaners handle it.

You Need Specific Cleaning Chemicals

Water isn’t enough to really get your roof clean. You need to use specific chemicals which will kill bacteria and algae so they won’t just grow right back.

Professional roof cleaning services use special equipment to coat the shingles in these chemicals and safely wash all the dirt, bacteria, and algae away.

C. What Can I Expect from a Roof Cleaning?

So, what happens during a roof cleaning?

First, you will get an estimated cost depending on the size of your roof. You may also want to schedule a roof tune-up first to check that there are no damaged areas or leaks which could cause issues during the cleaning.

Next, cleaners will come and prepare your home for the wash. They may cover windows and any gardens or foliage so they aren’t damaged by the runoff. They will then brush off any built-up leaves and branches from the roof and get to cleaning.

Depending on the size of your roof, a cleaning typically only takes a couple of hours. You can see results right away – and your roof can look dramatically lighter, cleaner, and even newer.


It is highly recommended that you schedule a roof cleaning during the warmer months rather than fall or winter. This ensures that the sun will be shining to quickly dry out the shingles – and you won’t need to worry about fall leaves or snow.

D.  Ready to Book a Roof Cleaning?

If it’s been a while since your roof was cleaned and you’ve noticed some signs it could use a wash, don’t hesitate to reach out for roof cleaning services.

At William. C. Rott & Son, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners in the Buffalo, NY area extend the life of their roofs through cleanings.

Contact us for a free estimate and schedule a roof cleaning today!