Your roof shoulders a lot of responsibility.  It protects your family and your belongings and ultimately, your home itself.  Your roof gets dirty and damaged – and needs to be cleaned from time to time.  The harsh weather in New York is a major contributor to that as it dumps snow and heavy rainfall down on your roof.

Professional roof cleaning is the best way to protect your roof, home, and ultimately your family.  This service also keeps your home looking its best, no matter the weather.  A house is the biggest investment most people will make.  Why throw your money out the window and not take care of the biggest thing protecting it?

The benefits of regular roof cleaning cannot be overstated. Here are a few of the most important ones to consider.

1. Helps Prevent Shingle Damage

Your shingles take a beating.  They collect dirt, debris, grime, and even fungus that build up over time.  A professional roof cleaning takes care of that so they can go back to protecting your home. Anything that builds up on the shingles can also make its way to your gutters and drains – causing extensive damage.

Build-up like this causes long-term damage to your roof.  Dirt and debris that isn’t removed can lead to moisture getting into and under the shingles.  This results in mold and mildew growth that’s damaging to the health of not only your home – but your family as well.

Your first instinct may be to try and power wash roof shingles yourself.  Don’t do it!!! Call a professional to do this for you.  They’re trained to clean your roof safely and professionally.  They know how to extend life of roof shingles and won’t miss any spots in their inspection.

2. Improves Your Curb Appeal

Let’s face it.  We’re proud of our homes and want to show them off whenever we can.  How about 24/7?  A professional roof cleaning will brighten up your entire home, all the time.

If you’re thinking about selling your house, a professional roof cleaning can not only improve its value, but it’ll also instill confidence in potential buyers when they look at your home.  Roof cleaning is a little-known and affordable improvement that can make a big impact on the value of your home. It not only extends the life of your house but also leaves it looking brand new to any prospective buyer.

What if you’re not planning on selling?  Even better.

Your newly cleaned roof will look brand new and will be the talk of the neighborhood – while giving your home a fresh, well-maintained look.

3. Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Keeping your roof clean can prevent it from aging before its time.  The extreme weather here in New York dumps heavy rains and snowstorms on your roof and the shingles that cover it.  This excessive moisture can cause moss and algae to grow on your roof and leads to shingles deteriorating prematurely.

Moss and algae can be detrimental to your roof’s ability to protect your home. Moss can grow in between your shingles, causing them to curl up and expose the roof.  This can result in your shingles blowing off in heavy winds and letting water get in.

The good news is that a professional roof cleaning can spot these issues and fix them before too much damage is done. These experts know how to extend roof life and prevent more expensive repairs or a full replacement.

4. Saves You Time and Stress

Who has time to climb on their roof and spend a day scrubbing it clean?  Moreover, it’s not safe unless you have the proper equipment and some training.  A professional roof cleaning is easy to schedule and doesn’t require you to purchase expensive equipment and then climb up on your roof.

When an experienced roofing professional comes to your home, you can rest assured they’re trained to safely and efficiently clean your roof and check for any wear and tear or damage.  You can spend that time doing whatever you’d like and sleep soundly knowing your roof is in good hands.

Hiring a professional roof cleaning service will save you time, money, and the stress of climbing up on your roof.

The Next Step

Extreme weather in New York makes it imperative to keep your roof clean and free of debris.  A professional roof cleaning will prevent shingle damage and extend the life of your roof.  It also saves you time and is much safer than doing it yourself.  Not only that, it’ll give your home a bright, shiny appearance as if it were brand new.

For over 100 years, W.C. Rott & Son has served New York and its families by protecting their roofs and homes.  We have extensive experience in roof cleaning, repair, and even total roof replacement.  We’re your trusted partner in keeping your roof and home safe.

Contact us so one of our experienced technicians can come out for a professional roof cleaning or any of our other high-quality roofing services.