While this year’s roofing season has been shortened, we’ve been working hard to help as many WNY homeowners as possible! As we moved through the phases in WNY, we’ve been incredibly thankful to get back into the swing of things and resume what we do best.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve helped repair roofs, install new gutters, put on new siding, and even rebuild some vintage posts beneath a flat roof. Let’s take a look at a few projects we’ve been up to…


Roof in Amherst

It always feels good to be back doing what we do best! First up was shielding this home with a new roof in Amherst.



Siding In Tonawanda

Next up, it was time to repair this siding in Tonawanda. Jobs like this really help give a home that new look, without the move!


Gutters in Buffalo

Water can be the enemy of your home… especially when it comes to gutters. Thankfully, we have experts for gutter repairs, gutter cleaning or even installing new gutters altogether, like this home needed in Buffalo.


Flat Roof & Vintage Posts in Buffalo

This was a bit of a cool and unique job… a flat roof that needed new vintage posts rebuilt! Check out our view from the roof and the post building in progress.



If you want this to be the year you spruce up your home, get your name on the list now for jobs that we can complete before fall. We’ll protect you. We’ll protect our team. And we’ll take every precaution necessary to do so. 

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