Could you imagine this happening to you? Mary Lou came home to a sunken roof!

After realizing what had happened, there was no time to waste before giving William C. Rott a call.

After we inspected her roof, it was clear that the flat design of the roof was not built to last through our brutal Buffalo winters. Bearing that in mind, we determined the best way to increase the roof’s longevity was to redesign it, and change the flat top to a peak.

Updating this roof design meant that there was more space in front that needed to be filled in with siding. However, because there wasn’t enough of the old siding saved to match, we recommended something a little different to fill in the space: a white scallop design.

The situation that began as problematic actually turned out to be one of Mary Lou’s favorite features of her home. “I love the scallops. They look beautiful and I get many compliments from the neighbors,” she said.

Mary Lou’s roof was also complete with our 20-year transferrable workmanship warranty.

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