You may have heard some things about replacing your roof in the winter… are they a fact or a myth? Read on to find out!

You Can’t Get Your Roof Replaced in the Winter – MYTH

Our team can replace a roof any month of the year. If you can’t afford to wait till spring, you do not have to.

Just Because You Can Do a Roof in the Wintertime Doesn’t Mean it’s a Good Idea – MYTH

Actually, it’s the opposite. One of the best times to do a roof is in the wintertime. Because your landscaping is dormant, your shingles are more solid, they only get pre-aged and scuffed up. And actually, it’s easier to protect against snow than rain while you have your roof torn off.

Any Damage Done in the Winter Can Also Be Fixed in the Winter – FACT


A Roof Installed in the Wintertime, the Shingles Will ALWAYS Blow Off – MYTH

Actually, it is true for a lot of roofers. Their shingles blow off because they don’t nail them right. We do, so you don’t have that problem.

William C. Rott & Son Has Been Replacing Roofs in Buffalo Winters for 110+ Years. Now, That’s a fact.


If you’ve been putting off a roof replacement, now is the time to get things going. W. C. Rott & Son has helped hundreds of Buffalo, NY homeowners repair and replace their damaged roofs at an affordable rate. We provide free accurate estimates for all of our projects, along with a workmanship warranty to guarantee the quality of our work.

If you are in need of a roof replacement this winter, contact us via our website or Facebook to ensure the job is done right.