Bert from Grand Island has had his fair share of work done by William C. Rott & Son, including roofing, gutters, and siding — but what he’s loved the most are his new windows. Bert says, “When people come into the house, they go crazy over the windows!”

Bert’s home is filled with windows along every wall, allowing for a lot more natural light to shine through than many other homes. Since the windows are such a integral piece of his home, it’s all the more important to him to have them working properly and looking their best.

Prior to working with William C. Rott, Bert had wooden windows that were tough to operate. He recalls the day they were installed, and said, “It was a January day, six degrees below zero, and all of a sudden these guys are there in that weather, taking the old windows out and putting the new ones in. And they did it in record time. It was amazing!” Bert said once the new windows were installed, “It was like a brand new home.”

“The craftsmanship and detail that these guys put in, it’s amazing,” Bert said. “They’re beautiful, and I think they’re going to last a long time.”

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