When we arrived on-site at this home in Buffalo, we thought we were preparing for a typical gutter repair. That was until was saw the real cause of the gutter issues. After inspecting the home, we realized our team was in for a much bigger project!

Read on to see how we helped these homeowners…


We originally arrived at this home to fix gutters that wouldn’t drain, however, we soon found the real issue was a roof that wasn’t properly supported! The lack of support was caused by a framework that wasn’t correctly constructed when the home was originally built.



In order to fix this issue, we created custom-made supports to support the overhangs on both sides of the house.



Not only will these new supports create a framework that is more structurally sound, but they will also match the original design of the house to make sure everything is aesthetically pleasing. And of course, they’ll also have gutters that will drain beautifully for years to come!


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