We’ve had some hot summer nights and days! What do you do to stay cool? To get through? For most of us the answer is, stay in some air conditioning, at home, work, or in the car.

Well, what if your job was to be outside all day long? Facing those conditions head on and often with increased heat levels because of dark surfaces and no shade? Yikes!

What kind of job is that? Well, there’s a few. The shortlist; landscapers, farmers, paving companies, concrete, builders, and of course, roofers!

The question each of those who do this kind of work have to answer is; “How do we handle this? What can make it possible to do the work and to do a very good job?”

Well, the answer is the same for most of them. In fact it’s the same answer, in one sense, as it is for winter conditions.

(No don’t wear extra layers.)

It’s, be prepared! That’s what life is always about. And it’s always true for those in the trades that brave the elements, day in, and day out.

It won’t surprise anyone to hear that being hydrated is the number one item to be focused on in these increased temperatures situations.

It makes the difference in so many ways. One is just feeling OK. Not getting dizzy.

And surprisingly, it allows you to enjoy the time working outside, just like when you play tennis, or pickleball, or volleyball, or go bike riding.

It may seem like a stretch to some, but the truth is that many of the people who do what we do, love the fact that they can work outdoors and not being cooped up in an office. (No offense to office workers.)

But, the truth is, if you like to be outside, for any reason and enjoy the sun, and fresh air, you may understand why roofing, siding, window work, is actually appealing to some, even if it is very hard work.

Another truth: you also get a darn nice tan (albeit, a roofer tan.)

Getting back to the being prepared thing. You want to have plenty of water, and Gatorade is nice and helpful. Coffee and Pop are not ideal, as the coffee can actually contribute to dehydration, and the sugar in pop inhibits absorption of water.

Also, It’s important to note, you are already partially dehydrated by the time you feel thirsty.
So, our recommendation, and mantra is: drink early, and often! And you will be in much better shape to do the work, enjoy the day, safely, and avoid/minimize sore muscles. (A little understood, but important and real ‘cause and effect’)

The other thing for those who do this work, is to have a garden hose to soak their head when needed. Again, early and often.

Additionally, soak the roof when doing a roof, to keep it cooler, and avoid marring it up.

We provide training for this basic weather related safety, and provide cases of water every day, and hoses and Gatorade.

I would be full of bologna if I said it was not a difficult job and the heat didn’t make it challenging. But, if you do what we do, any time of the year, it’s got its challenges.

Consider precipitation in the progress of doing the job, which is worse in spring and fall, and snow and cold in the winter.

Picture this: The roofs opened up, and the bad weather comes in, and you’ve got to make sure it’s watertight no matter what! Talk about challenging!

This work is not for the faint of heart at any time! Nor is it for the unprepared.

That is always the thing, the battle cry. Be prepared, be prepared, and then; be prepared!
And, then make sure you follow through and do these simple smart things.
Yeah, there will be tough days, and even weeks, but if you’re prepared and adjust, you get through and are stronger for it. And you come to enjoy the work and even the adversity, because darn it, you’re prepared, and you get through it with flying colors, while others falter and fail.

The few, the proud, and truth be told, tiny bit crazy (nuts) are the ones who get your home protected, and they like doing it.

A bit nuts we may be, but we like what we do. Yes, maybe a little bit nuts, but sometimes that’s what’s needed to conquer that hill when you come to it.

So; if you’re doing what we do, remember to stay hydrated, early and often with water.
Have a hose, and soak your head and the roof. Take breaks, and get sun blocks or lotions to protect your skin.

And, even check out trying to work around the house where shade is, at different parts of the day when you can.

So, there you have it! In the world of hot summer: Stay cool, and ‘Roof on’!