So you finally have your beautiful new Rott windows, and one of the things you like most about them is how easy they are to clean, right?

But then you go to do it… And something goes wrong, and you can’t quite figure out what!

If this happens to you, have no fear. Here is a brief rundown of the best practices when cleaning your windows, plus a couple of pro tips that can really help you out!

How to Clean Your Windows

Step 1. To tilt the bottom sash of the window for cleaning purposes, first, unlock both locks. Then, raise the bottom sash approximately 4″ from the sill so that the lift rail clears the dam wall while tilting. (This prevents damage to the lift rails during cleaning).

Step 2. With both hands, simultaneously slide both latches toward the center of the window, and tilt the sash inward. Rest the center of the sash on your knee or a platform. DO NOT rest one of the corners of the sash on anything while leaving the other corner unsupported. (This prevents the sash from popping out of place. If this happens, the window will not function properly. See the video below for steps to remedy this if it occurs).

Step 3. To tilt the top sash of the window for cleaning purposes, lower the top sash to just above the bottom lift rail. The bottom sash should remain in the “tilted” position while the top sash is tilted and cleaned. After the top sash is cleaned, rotate the sash back into place.

Step 4. To close the sashes, push the top sash all the way up. Rotate the bottom sash back into place, making sure the tilt latches have clicked back into position. Push the bottom sash down completely and lock the window.

Lisa’s Window Cleaning Pro Tip: Using newspaper to clean windows helps eliminate having any streaks when you’re done!

What if the windows don’t close properly?

One of the most important things you want to avoid is—when you tilt the window in—supporting it on one side or the other. You really need to be centered, because if you’re not, the window can actually come right out of the shoe. If this happens, hold the window in the middle, then gently tap it down on the side that’s up. Then you can put it right back into place.



So that’s how easy it is to clean your windows. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know!