Let’s face it… Winter is coming. As Danny Neaverth puts it during Steve’s interview with him on WNY Living, the weather in Buffalo can be unpredictable (to say the least!) So the question is, is your roof ready to handle the harsh winter?

Now is the most important time to make sure that your home is properly protected before that harsh weather really kicks in. Even if it’s just a small problem now, those problems can amplify when the winter hits. If it’s an issue you’re suspecting, it’s so important to act on it now before it’s too late!





We will be working on roofs to get them prepared and repaired for the rest of fall and even into the stormy winter months. Something we pride ourselves on is our ability to work on roofs in conditions that other roofers wouldn’t even consider!

Take it from John and Sue, whose roof got hit badly during the “Snowvember” storm in 2014. John says William C. Rott is “the only one who could handle the job in the wintertime. We had other contractors here and they couldn’t start the job until late March or April.”  But when you’re in a crisis like this, with major roof damage, it simply cannot wait!

We’ve helped thousands of customers over the years prepare their roof for the winter or help get it repaired during the winter. Lauren W. wrote us a great review that reflects this…

My call was answered immediately and forwarded to Steve Rott and in no time I had the ice dam on my roof being removed and the interior leaking staved off. I was offered polite, courteous service as well as efficiency. Thank you so much Steve and William C. Rott & Son! You’ve got my business from now on!

Snowy Home


We’ll even handle the toughest roofs in the wintertime. This home in the Elmwood area had multiple issues, including rotting rafters…


Even though we’re always happy to help with your roofing issues throughout the winter, it’s always best to catch problems early, and not wait for it to worsen in the harsh weather. That’s why if you even have a minuscule roof problem now, we encourage you to call our team out for a FREE Roof Estimate.

If you’re interested in getting your FREE Roof Estimate, fill out the form here and we’ll reach out to you shortly.

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