Well, my dad, Bill Rott has done it again!

He got a call a week ago from his sister-in-law. She works for a dry cleaner.

She said her employer was looking to clean out the stockpile coats that were left unclaimed, and from donation drives.

She wanted to know if the places he helps out at, like St. Luke’s, could use these coats for their clients.

He thought, “Of course they can!”

So, he got one of our trucks and headed down. It wasn’t until after he had loaded up, and was on his way, that he got a hold of someone from St. Luke’s.

To my dad’s surprise, it turned out because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they would have to decline the offer.

Something akin to panic started to set in, as the load, was now securely, and most definitely, now in his possession, and now; his problem.

That’s when he called me to explain the situation (and I could’ve sworn he said 100 coats).

We thought of my wife’s sister, who works for City Mission, and also the Salvation Army.

The City Mission option was not materializing quickly, so I called the Major at The Salvation Army in Tonawanda, and told him about the hundred coats.

He said, ”Sure, we should be able to take them.” So, I brought them over the next day, and we started unloading. It was then, that the Major’s wife, Major Stephanie, commented, “Oh, this is a bit more than 100.”

I had no idea, as 100 sounded like a lot. But, it turns out, she was very correct in her assessment.

After unloading, I got a count. 330 coats! Wow!

They were amazingly nice coats and jackets of every kind, style, and color. Some jackets certainly worth $100+.

We filled two coat racks, and a couple of tables piled high.

The major was not dismayed however, but just started to plan for the disbursement.

Well, it is now underway. The Salvation Army of Tonawanda is offering to anyone in need, a jacket or coat while supplies last.

It’s, of course, not as cold out now, but there are still a few more cold nights, and even chilly days, in the near future. And, there’s being ready for next winter. And as we all know, that’s never that far away in Buffalo!

So, thank you, Major Celestin, and Stephanie, for taking on this challenge, and opportunity; in addition to everything you already do.

I’m sure people will appreciate the chance to be warm with a nice new coat. I know my dad really appreciates you solving the mountainous load he found himself saddled with!