I’d like to touch base with all of you about what’s going on in our world and our nation, to let you know what we’re up to, and how this might impact you, our customer. The short story is, we are all experiencing a time of uncertainty and concern that is made worse by all of the conflicting messages.

Frustration has replaced or come alongside fear, as this lockdown has loitered and continued. But we also have reason to be hopeful.

It seems our tunnel is growing shorter and the light is now approaching. The light of fewer new cases and casualties, of lifting restrictions, and getting back to work. This has been very hard on all; and devastating to some. We grieve with all those who have lost loved ones and we pray for their comfort.

As we contemplate this new reality, we wonder about the future. What will it hold? I don’t think anyone can answer that, but I suspect we all see a foreshadowing of a different landscape than previous. That is so for us as well. We are doing what we can (and should) to be ready to help those who need us. Currently, it’s on an emergency level. As this starts to change and options are again opened up, we will do what we can, in a very deliberate and safe fashion.

Many have already called us to see what their options are for this year, and we have tentatively scheduled them in for estimates. Some have more urgent needs or would just like to take any steps possible. We have responded to these and have even done some emergency services.

Many businesses, including ours, will be subject to a shortened season. In construction, that means that those who have needs this year will have a time crunch to contend with. With that in mind, we are opening up options to be as efficient as possible and to meet as many people’s needs as possible. (i.e. Pre-estimate inspections, information gathering, remote delivery of information.)

I would like to wish you all well; and hopefully, to see you out and about someday soon. Until then, be safe!

Gratefully yours,

Steve Rott

P.S. We do already have jobs set up, but still have room in our schedule. So, if this is the year you want to, or need to, get something on the calendar, please call soon to start the process of finding out your options.