We aren’t doctors or nurses, or healthcare professionals, or farmers, or truckers, or any of
the others that bring life and life-giving answers to you. But we would like to offer what we

As a 4th generation, family contracting business, we have a long history of weathering
difficult times. I’m encouraged to share with you what we are reminding ourselves of in light
of our past:

● It’s OK to have nervous moments. This means we’re human.
● It’s OK to still trust yourself and those around us in spite of uncertainty. It’s how we
get through things of this magnitude.
● Everything has its time. And then it’s past.
● We are always stronger together. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this.
● While it’s tempting to sit, watch, and wait, action always wins the day. Let’s find ways
to bring encouragement to those around us. Although, sitting, watching, and waiting
with those we love and care for is sometimes the best action.
● It’s all about how you are built. We are built to work together. Let’s know that and
then do that.

With that in mind, for at least the next month, we are offering temporary tarping or sealing
at no cost for those in severe and emergency need. We have limited resources, but we will
do our best to meet needs, as they come, and as we’re able. We can’t anticipate the
response, but we will do our very best.

We want to thank all those who risk their own welfare, daily, for the rest of us! You are the
heroes of our day! You inspire us to do what we can, with what we have, wherever this
moment leads us.

In pursuit of a leak-proof tomorrow,

Steven Rott
General Manager