It may be hot out there, but our team has been outside working hard all summer long! We’ve been helping repair all of the damage from last winter and help shield homes all around Western New York for many more winters to come.

Installing new siding, roofing, or even just a soffit can transform a home in so many ways—not only from a protection standpoint, but aesthetically as well. Some of our siding jobs especially has made the home look brand new!

Let’s take a look at some of the recent projects we’ve been up to so far this summer…


Roof in Buffalo

Sunroofs, extra peaks, and tall roofs are no match for our team! This roof in Buffalo needed a little extra TLC after that Buffalo winter, but the finished product looks incredible and is going to protect these homeowners for the long haul.


Roof & Soffit in Kenmore

You can see from the photos below how this roof and soffit in Kenmore were in pretty rough shape. A soffit is one of those things that people don’t often think about repairing, but because it bridges the gap between your home’s siding and roof, it’s crucial for protection and maintaining a nice, clean look on your home.


Siding in Buffalo

This siding job in Buffalo is a great example of our “new home without the move” motto. By going from yellow to a beautiful modern grey, this home suddenly looks brand new.

Not only was this a visual transformation, but these photos are a great example of our three-layer siding system as well. Step 1 is the Tyvek HomeWrap, which is a wind and draft barrier that will not trap moisture. Then, a breathable hard density insulation board is applied which lets moisture escape but keeps energy inside your home. Lastly, a more durable, thicker-paneled siding is installed which acts as the beautiful exterior to this high performance shield.


More Siding in Buffalo

The siding job on this home in Buffalo made it look like a completely new home! Something we especially love about this siding job as well is the scallop accent detail you can see on the bottom of the window and around the edge of the triangular frames on the home and garage. Of course, this siding installation was also complete with our high-quality three layer system, much like the one above. Using high performance energy efficient materials are the standard for shielding your home with William C. Rott.


Roofs in Williamsville & East Amherst

Another day, another roof job! Our team went out to Williamsville and East Amherst to shield these homes for the long haul. The East Amherst roof you see below was a tall one—but that never stops our team from getting the job done!

William C. Rott - Roofs in Williamsville



Roofs in Tonawanda

Both of these roof jobs took place in Tonawanda. The first is a great example of how a small problem can become much bigger if not addressed right away. Thankfully, our team was able to get up there and shield this home the right way, so it’ll protect these homeowners for many more Buffalo winters to come! 


We’re happy to share that each of the projects were also complete with our 20-year transferrable workmanship warranty.

If you are in need of a roof, siding, soffit, or window repair, contact us via our website or Facebook to ensure the job is done right.