Home where roof repair work is in progress

We’ve been working hard to help as many homeowners as we can during our busy season! Recently we worked on a roofing job at a Cape Cod house in Cheektowaga. We thought this would be a typical roof job, but when we removed the old roof, it actually turned into something much bigger. Our amazing team was up for the challenge on this roof replacement project to get this home looking good as new!

When we arrived on-site and starting tearing the old roof off of this home, we discovered there was more damage than we originally anticipated.

Damaged old roof in western new york

We found a substantial amount of rotted wood, as well as cracks in the rafters. The owners of the home could have opted for cheaper & simpler repairs, but they plan on being in this home for the long haul and they trusted us with getting the job done right.

Home where roof repair work is in progress

Next, we got to work on installing brand new rafters that would create an overhang to allow more air flow and ventilation into the home. These homeowners are going to love these new rafters because they’ll be able to enjoy a cooler home in the summer, less ice buildup on the roof in the wintertime, and an overall happier, healthier home.

Rafters installation in western new york by WCRott

After all of our team’s hard work, we’re happy to say that another successful WNY roof job is officially in the books!

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