Window repair work in western new york by WCRott

A truck drove right into this house in Niagara Falls. Thankfully, everyone is okay, but there was severe damage to the siding, the windows, as well as the framing. We knew we had to come to the rescue!

When we arrived on-site and started opening everything up, there was a lot more damage than we originally anticipated.

WCRott employees repairing and installing window in western new york

We found that some things were not right from when the house was originally built, so we fixed those issues and the house is now better than ever!

WCRott employee repairing window in western new york

In the end, we replaced the windows, the framing, the siding, as well as some other structural issues.

WCRott employee installing window in western new york

We hope you never find yourself in a situation like this, but if you do, we can help!

If you are in need of repairs like this, contact us via our website or Facebook to ensure the job is done right.