Roof Floor repair and installation

People are always asking us if we work on flat roofs and the answer is, yes we do! But not everyone does… So we put together this blog post to help share some more knowledge about flat roofs, why we can work on them, and why not everyone can…

If you’re familiar with flat roofs then you may be aware that they can serve some very useful purposes. You can entertain on them, take a second story porch for example. You can hang out and get some sun on a nice day without bugs. You could also kick the kids outside if they are bugging you or go out there yourself to get some peace and quiet, all while enjoying some fresh air. 

And a bonus! Sometimes you can even use the porch roof to move in and out of your home. 

Additionally, if you want to expand your space upstairs, a low slope or flat roof dormer gets it done less expensively.

Do flat roofs actually leak more?

So with all that goodness, what is it about flats that give many people the willies? 

Some people even use coarse language to describe them (or at least the people who built them). “Who the heck would……..”. 

To be sure, it has something to do with what they don’t do, at least in comparison to their hillside sisters In fact, it is often asserted that flat roofs leak more than pitched ones. And mostly, that’s an accurate statement. But, many plaintively ask, does it have to be that way? The answer is yes! And no. 

No, because there are flat roof products and systems that are actually more watertight and impervious to leaks at any and all times of the year (and in any kind of weather). 

That is, if they are good products and installed correctly. 

That’s why ‘yes’ is the more popular answer to the, “do flat roofs leak more?” question. 

And, if you have been subject to this flat roof tragedy you know of the sagging plaster and stressful dripping sounds that often accompany this damp and dark reality. 



So, what can be done? Is there no way out?

If I am being honest (and slightly immodest), you have few who understand what is needed on residential flat roofs. But, there is a way. And in fact in some ways, it’s simple. 

To begin with, it is incredibly important to start with a good product (like Reinforced EPDM). That will get you off on the right foot.

Then equally (or possibly more) important is to have somebody that knows about all the tie-in issues and variations, peculiar to a residential flat roof. 

The trouble is much of that registers like a foreign language to the average roofer. Hardly anyone has looked at all the issues that will pop up for a residential flat roof. 



What’s important about a flat roof?

It may be useful here to restate the situation. It’s fair to say that the most important thing for a flat roof is that it doesn’t leak. (Captain obvious here). The second most important thing about the flat roof, is that it doesn’t leak for a very long time. 

Not as obvious, and strangely enough, not typically expected. 

The reason for that is, the ‘third’ most important thing. That is, the need to assess the situation accurately. 

You need to look closely at the connecting pieces. From the walls to the edges to the windows to the doors to the protrusions coming through the roof, including railings, or pipes, or stacks, or vents, or skylights, Interior drains, or any other thing. 

This is where the reputation of your flat roof will live or die. 

And know this important truth also. No one can tell you what your house needs until they see it. So make sure it is looked at with a keen eye, in person. 

And so, what is likely to be dawning on you (at least I hope it’s dawning) is that you should have someone who cares deeply about the work they do. You should have someone who has had the experience to learn about all the needed ins and outs of handling a residential flat roof. 

And if this is your situation, a homeowner in possession of a flat roof, you are in luck. You have stumbled across the threshold of one such company. If you are in need of a roof repair, contact us via our website or Facebook to ensure the job is done right.