A lot of older homes still have the original windows that were installed when the home was built. Sometimes these designs add to the charm of the place – but they aren’t necessarily the most functional. Older windows are often poorly sealed, and they will eat up to 30% of your energy used for heating and cooling!

Lots of homeowners put off replacing windows unless something happens, like a pane breaks. In this case, they tend to just look for the cheapest option that matches the rest of the home and move on.

But there’s a huge difference between replacing a window and investing in quality, custom windows. If the windows in your home are over 15 to 20 years old, you should be thinking about replacing them.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider installing Wm. C. Rott & Son’s custom-built windows for your home:

1. Rott Custom Windows vs Generic Replacement Windows

First, you may be wondering what the difference is between Rott’s custom windows and generic replacements you can get at any hardware store. Replacement windows are a quick solution to a broken window, but they don’t often match your other windows – plus, they won’t do much to improve your home’s efficiency.

One benefit to regular replacement windows is that they are quick to install. You can probably even do the job yourself for some windows. However, this is also a downside, as DIY installations aren’t going to be the same quality as a professional job. You may not realize that the windows aren’t properly sealed, which can lead to major issues like water damage to the frame.

Custom Rott windows are top quality and require professional installation. Our team may also replace the framing if there are any structural issues. This ensures that they are installed securely, sealed properly, and are easy to open and close. Our custom windows are also designed to fit your home perfectly, which is perfect for older homes with non-traditional window sizes.

2. Rott Windows Have a Long Warranty

Most replacement windows will come with a limited warranty that only covers specific situations. Replacement companies also include loopholes in their warranties, making it really difficult to meet their qualifications. If you’ve got any issues with your window, it’s likely going to be pretty difficult to get your money back or get a replacement from the manufacturer.

For instance, some offer prorated warranties which means that the coverage decreases as time goes on. So, if your ten-year-old windows start to have issues, your warranty won’t cover the full price. Plus, most warranties will not apply if you have installed them yourself.

Rott’s windows are designed to last as long as your home does. That’s why we offer an unprecedented lifetime material warranty for all of our custom windows. If there are any issues with the windows, you can easily get them replaced through us.

We also offer our own 20-year workmanship warranty. This ensures that the windows are installed properly the first time – but if you’re unsatisfied, our team will come out to fix any issues.

3. Custom Rott Windows are Uniquely Designed

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a custom window from Wm. C. Rott & Son is its unique design. Our windows have specific features that you won’t find in typical replacement options.

First, all of our windows are made with multi-chambered PVC frames that are foam-filled for a stronger, more durable design. They also have molded heavy-duty lift rails, making it easy to open and close while ensuring an air-tight seal.

We also only use a soft-coat Low “E” glass, or low-emissivity glass, which is one of the most energy-efficient types. This glass has a microscopic coating that improves the energy efficiency of the glass, so less heat will sweep in or out.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about compromising on design with our custom windows. They come with a crown molded exterior frame that will add a nice touch to your home! Our windows are also incredibly easy to clean. You can simply pop the window out of the frame to can clean the exterior side with ease.

4. Investing in Your Windows Helps Your Home’s Value

Any type of upgrade to your home will help to increase its value. You can expect an ROI of over 80% for adding new windows to your home – one of the highest returns for any type of renovation project!

But replacing your windows is a good idea whether you’re planning on selling soon or staying in your home for years and years. New windows will do so much more than just up your curb appeal. They can make a big difference during the hot summers and cold winters, slashing your energy bill significantly.


Is it Time to Replace Your Buffalo, NY Home’s Windows?

If you live in the Buffalo, NY area and have been thinking about getting new windows, now’s a perfect time! Wm. C. Rott & Son can handle the job and get you set up with some of the highest-quality windows on the market.

To learn more about our custom windows as well as our other services like roof cleanings, replacements, and repairs, send us a message online! Our team will respond to you quickly and offer you an accurate estimate for whatever project you’ve got in mind.