Staying on top of roof maintenance and repairs can significantly impact its longevity, especially in Buffalo, New York. The city of Buffalo is prone to extreme weather conditions where heavy snow and rain beat down hard, which takes a toll on your roof.

A well-maintained roof can protect your home for many years and even add value to your property. In fact, quality roof repairs and replacements can add an additional $17,000+ to the resale value of your home.

However, a roofing project in Buffalo is never easy and straightforward since there are many factors that can affect the cost of your project. In this guide, we’ll provide everything you need to know about roofing repairs – and what you can expect the cost of your project to be.

A. Types of Roof Repairs

Roofing repairs can mean many different things, depending on the extent of the damage. As a result, some roof repair costs may be more expensive than others.

To help you get a better understanding of various roofing repairs, we’ve divided them into categories:

1. Major Roof Repairs

First, let’s discuss major roof repairs. These types of restorations are typically performed when severe sections of your roof and its underlayment are damaged. On average, major repairs can cost anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000+.

Here’s a look at some of the most common major roof repairs:

a.Electrical Wiring

Severe roof damage can let water into your attic and damage or corrode wires. If this happens, your appliances, lights, and outlets may not work. Additionally, a fire could break if the wiring is left damaged for long periods. So, it’s essential to have your electrical wires replaced as soon as you notice signs of an issue.

Repairing roofs with electrical wiring is expensive due to the manpower required for this type of repair. Therefore, you should expect to pay an additional couple thousand dollars for electrical restorations on top of major roof repair costs.

b. Extensive Water Damage

Roofs that suffer from multiple leaks can lead to extensive water damage, which can pose a massive threat to your home’s structure. Additionally, situations where water leaks your home (especially in large amounts) can lead to mold growth, which is a health hazard.

On average, repairs on rafters and roofing materials with significant water damage cost between $1,200 to $3,000. You may also need to replace the underlayment and remove any existing mold, which can increase the total cost.

c.Roof Sagging

Roof sagging can result from poor installation, structural damage, excess weight, or high moisture levels. At first, roof sagging may not pose a significant safety hazard. However, if left untreated, this problem will get worse and may lead to a collapse.

Repairing a sagging roof is an extensive project, especially if the roof damage has been going on for a long time, as there may be deeper problems beneath the surface. Expect the roof repair cost to be somewhere between $750 to $2,000 depending on the extent of the damage.

You may also need to replace damaged underlayment and any rotted beams – which will increase costs.

d. Severe Mold Growth

A roof that’s suffering from mold growth poses a threat to you and your family’s health. Mold spores on the exterior of your home can quickly spread indoors, leading to a host of health issues, including respiratory problems and allergies.

Mold is also dangerous because it’s able to eat away at the roofing material itself, further compromising your roof’s structural integrity. A moldy roof repair cost per square feet is between $10 to $24. So, budget $1,000 or more if you have a roof that requires repairs due to severe mold growth.

e.Extreme Hail Damage

Severe hailstorms are sometimes powerful enough to crack or break through most types of roof materials, including asphalt shingles, metal panels, and tile products. A roof that’s been hit by a severe hailstorm may suffer breaks in the roofing structure and lead to water leaks or sagging.

Repairing a roof with severe hail damage can be costly since it often requires replacing all damaged roofing materials. As a result, roof repair costs for hail damage range from $4,000 to $5,000 for an average-sized roof.

2. Minor Roof Repairs

Now that you know what types of roofing repairs are the most expensive – let’s look at some minor roofing problems that cost less to resolve.

a. Gutter Cleaning

When your gutters are blocked or damaged, rainwater has nowhere to go but on top of your roof. This excess pressure can cause your roof leaks. Over time, it can contribute to rot and mold build-up on your shingles. So, it’s vital to maintain clean gutters to minimize this risk.

The cost of gutter cleanings tends to range anywhere from $118 to $224, based on the length of your home’s gutter system.

b.Small Leaks & Holes

At first, a small roof leak or hole doesn’t pose a severe structural risk. However, the longer you wait to repair this issue, the more damage it can cause. Large roof leaks and holes are far more costly to repair and lead to many other problems, from wood rot to mold growth.

The average roof repair cost for small leaks and holes will usually fall around $100 – which is far less than it could be if the issue worsens.

c.Cracked/Missing Shingles

Cracked or missing shingles are often the result of faulty installation or extreme weather conditions. If roof damaged or missing shingles are not replaced, they could cause water leaks and structural damage.

The cost of repairing this issue depends on the type of roofing you have and the number of shingles that need replacement. On average, however, you can expect a minor roof shingle repair costs between $50 to $100.


Flashing is a thin piece of metal, which acts as a protective barrier to the roof. It’s often installed around chimneys, skylights, vents, or other places where two different materials meet. Unfortunately, vulnerable flashing areas are susceptible to leaks and cracks, especially if they are not installed correctly in the first place.

The average cost of a flashing replacement is $20 per piece. However, this amount can vary based on the size of the flashing and how many need to be replaced.

3. Full Roof Replacement

In some cases, a complete roof replacement is the only option. For example, roof replacements are common with older homes if the roofing materials are outdated or in homes where severe damages have occurred.

Full roof replacements can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $11,000+, depending on the size of your home and the types of materials you choose.

Keep in Mind: Homeowners in Buffalo, New York, may need to replace their roofs more frequently than due to the region’s extreme weather conditions.

 Types of Roofing Material

Different types of roofing materials will affect the overall cost to repair and replace the roof. So, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each material can help you plan for roof maintenance costs and minimize severe damage.

Here’s a look at some of the most pros and cons of common roofing materials and their typical repair costs:

1. Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair

Many Americans have asphalt shingle roofs, which are relatively inexpensive to install and maintain. Asphalt shingle roofs are made from a blend of natural and synthetic materials.

While these roofs tend to last 20 to 50 years in mild climates, but homeowners in Buffalo may need to replace them sooner as they don’t hold up well in harsh winter conditions.

On average, an asphalt roof shingle repair cost between $330 to $1500. Of course, this price will vary depending on the number of shingles that need to be replaced.

2. Flat Roof Repair

A flat roof is a great choice for those who want a stylish roof that’s relatively inexpensive to install. However, flat roofs tend to have a shorter lifespan – especially in places like Buffalo. They aren’t designed to handle heavy weights, so if there’s a hefty snowfall, it could cause serious damage to the roof’s structure.

Flat roofs do not hold up well against extreme weather conditions and require regular maintenance and frequent repairs. As a result, flat roofs often need to be replaced every 10 to 20 years.

Flat roof repairs cost between $4 and $13 per square foot – but this can add up quickly if you need a total roof replacement.

3. Tile Roof Repair

Although tiles are more expensive than most other shingles, they are also one of the longest-lasting roofing materials.

Tile roofs resist rotting and water damage better than most other roofing materials. In fact, tile roofs can last up to 100 years when well-maintained – making them a long-term investment for homeowners in Buffalo.

Since tile roofs are more expensive, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7,000 to $20,000+ for a repair.

4. Wood Shakes Roof Repair

Wooden shakes have been used for centuries and are one of the more popular roofing materials. These products are typically composed of hardwood or composite wood.

Wood shakes are durable and can last be long-lasting in areas with moderate climates. However, they are far more susceptible to moisture damage and rotting when installed in areas prone to heavy rain or snow – such as Buffalo.

On average. a wood shakes roof repair cost per square foot is around $600. Therefore, homeowners can expect to pay $16,000+ for a total roof replacement with this material.

5. Slate Roof Repair

Slate roofing materials are made from pressed stone and look similar in appearance to tiles. Roofs made with this material are incredibly durable, and like tile roofs, they can last 100+ years if properly maintained.

Slate roofs are heavy, making them ideal for areas with strong winds or extreme weather as they are less likely to blow or shift during storms.

However, due to the material’s weight and quality, a slate roof can be quite expensive. Slate roof repair costs typically fall around $16,000 for an average-sized home.

 Roof Design, Pitch, and Size

The size, design, and pitch of a roof can affect the overall cost of your repair or replacement.

Here’s a look at how:

  • Homes with complex roof design features (such as turrets, multiple dormers, and other such features) tend to be more expensive than homes that do not.
  • Roofs that are large – especially those that cover multiple rooms or extend beyond the exterior walls of your home – tend to be more expensive than roofs on smaller homes.
  • Roofs with steep pitches (or roofs with multiple angles) tend to be more expensive than roofs that are relatively flat.

Since these factors can significantly impact roof repair costs, it’s important to factor them into your budget.

1. Labor and Permits

Labor takes up the most significant portion of roof repair costs. Many roofing companies will charge an hourly fee for installing and repairing your roof, which will fall (on average) between $40 and $100 per hour.

Additionally, you may need to obtain a permit for major repairs or replacements due to safety concerns and local laws. You can often obtain permits through your city or town office, and the cost typically falls around $75 in the city of Buffalo.

2. Time of Year

The time of year when you need to make your roof repairs can also affect how much it costs. Some roofing companies may offer seasonal discounts for repairs made during spring or summer – when damages occur less frequently.

Alternatively, it may be harder to find a company that even offers winter roof repairs. This is because the most reliable roofers are in high demand due to harsh weather causing damage to many people’s roofs.

3. Location

The location of your home plays a huge role in your roofing repair costs.

For example, roofs in regions with harsh, cold winters and high snowfall will typically require more repair than roofs in milder climates. Therefore, Buffalo residents will often pay more on roof maintenance costs than someone who lives in Southern California.

Additionally, roofs in rural areas may require more work than roofs on urban homes. Rural homes typically have more trees or other obstructions surrounding them, which puts them at a higher risk of damage.

Lastly, some roofers may charge extra for travel time and mileage, so be sure to include these costs in your budget when seeking out local roofers.

4. Additional Roofing Repair Costs

Finally, let’s look at some additional factors that may affect your overall roof repair costs.

a. Inspections

It’s essential to get your roof inspected at least once a year, especially in Buffalo, where damage from heavy snowfall and icy weather is more common.

Roof inspections cost between $100 to $300 on average – but they can save you money and time in the long run. Professional roof inspectors will give you a professional opinion on the condition of your roof – as well as advice on necessary repairs or replacement materials.

Regular roof inspections can help you avoid catastrophic roof damage before it happens.

b. Emergencies

It’s also crucial to factor emergency repairs into your roof repair budget. Buffalo can get severe weather in a matter of hours, so it’s essential to have a plan in case your roof is abruptly damaged.

Many roofers are available for emergency repairs – but this may incur an additional fee due to increased workload and potential overtime. A typical emergency repair will add an extra $100+ to the total cost of your roofing repair project.

It’s a good idea to look into your homeowner’s insurance policy and check if your roof is covered under your policy. If so, your insurance company may cover a percentage of your emergency roof repair or replacement costs.

c. What’s the Next Step?

As you can see, there are a lot of variables that determine how much your roof repair costs. But the good news is that keeping up with routine roof maintenance can help you minimize expensive replacements or repairs down the line – which can be an invaluable asset to any homeowner – especially those in Buffalo.

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