When it comes to roofing, not all jobs are the same. Each job presents its own difficulties; some more than others. As we look through our extensive catalog of jobs completed, two roofs in particular stand out: East Aurora House and West Utica House. These houses were especially difficult because of the unique shapes and angles.

The East Aurora House was full of rounded edges, corners, hips, and valleys.

This home was nearly 35-feet straight up! Perhaps the most difficult portion of this job was the cone-shaped portion, pictured on the left.


Our seasoned crew spent several days working on this roof to make sure everything was to our guaranteed standards. Although it was one of our most difficult undertakings, it was ultimately one of our most rewarding.

This roof proved that our incredible team truly was capable of taking on whatever came their way!

Another challenge we undertook was on West Utica St., which was arguably one of the toughest jobs we’ve ever done.

This roof was super high (three stories to be exact), cut-up, and very steep.  So steep in fact, that our crews almost needed rappelling gear to be able to finish it. However, our crew completed the job regardless!

This house was three stories up and so steep that our crews almost needed rappelling gear to be able to finish it. However, our crew completed the job regardless!

As always, even with the most difficult roofs, our homeowners receive a 20-year transferrable workmanship warranty on any roof we install!

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