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A Roof Tune-Up? It May Be Exactly What Yours Needs!

When it comes to roofs, minor issues can cause major problems. It is often the leak you are unaware of that causes the most damage—rotting out rafters or even walls. Identifying these problems is essential for proper roof maintenance.

We offer a low-cost solution to avoid potentially high roof repair costs down the road: a Roof Tune-Up. A Roof Tune-Up starts off with one of our qualified team members evaluating your roof; he will do a written assessment of the condition that will then be emailed to you. If a Roof Tune-Up is the right option, we will do the following…

  1. Seal plumbing pipes and flashings, extending the life of your roof by 2 to 10 years.
  2. Replace up to two shingles (if more than two is needed, there is probably a bigger problem)

The best time to get a Roof Tune-Up is in the non-winter seasons, when there is no snow on the roof: Spring, Summer, or Fall. If your roof is 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years old, you are a good candidate for a Tune-Up!

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 3.58.22 PM 

If your roof needs more than a Tune-Up, we will stop, show you what was found, and give you options to address the problems. 

There are a few reasons why a Roof Tune-Up may not be enough…

  1. Shingles are loose or missing
  2. Shingles are too far gone
  3. Rotten or buckling wood
  4. An existing leak issue



What about the roofs we install? With our roofs, if they are less than 20 years old, Tune-Ups are mostly never necessary. Why do we say that? Well, there are a couple of reasons…

  1. We use better sealants and processes when the job is originally done, so it will last longer.
  2. We give 20-year warranties! If you encounter a problem, while under warranty, we take care of it at no cost!

Think you might be in need of a Roof Tune-Up?

Click this link to request a Roof Tune-Up online!

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The Facilitator & Roofing Expert

My kids would rather assume the worst of each other and hunker down for an all out, “I am right, and you are wrong!” hoedown throwdown!

So consequently, it seems like it’s fight night every night at the Rott house.

But, it turns out, it’s my job to interrupt this amateur MMA event.

I know this because my wife said so.

And, I’m reasonably good at it. We call timeout, get seated in our version of Camp David—better known as the great room—and get to work.

We hear each other out, allow each other to speak without interruption, and commit. We own what’s ours, apologize, accept, forgive, and move on. It’s good for all parties!

I hope they learn this as a way of life.

That’s a lot like roofing… People assume the worst about contractors and enter the arena of the home-improvement projects combatively; believing they’re right, spoiling for a fight, and consequently not getting a chance to engage in a healthy, productive way.

At William C. Rott, we have people who can come alongside, and act as a facilitator of the learning and decision-making process.

Do you know someone who approaches life in a fearful, combative way? Have them call William C. Rott at (716) 694-8220 for a much needed Détente.

– Steve Rott

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Roof Repair In The Winter? It Can Be Done!

We have been in the business of roofing since 1909. With over 100-years of experience, we have learned that damage done by winter can also be fixed in the winter.

Yes, that’s right, we will do what many will not attempt, and we guarantee that it will be done well!

Why repair a roof in the winter and not wait until spring or summer? The answer is that there is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Winter is a great time to repair a roof—we have three specific reasons why that is:

  1. It’s cold out! That might sound a bit odd, but the cold means that the shingles are more solid. Any other time of the year, you can damage the shingles by scuffing them up. A winter-time job will last longer than others.
  2. Landscaping is dormant. There is less need to protect a garden when the flowers are not in bloom; that means less potential damage.
  3. It is easier to protect against snow than it is rain.

We have had the pleasure of doing many winter roofing jobs for clients. One of which is Sue, who had her roof damaged from the infamous ‘Snowvember’.

She was skeptical of having her roof repaired in the winter…

The process went “great” and it has been “perfect ever since”, said Sue.

Her roof has no loose shingles and has not had any ice buildup since our repair.

It is experiences like this that make us confident in our ability to work in the winter, and to provide our 20-year transferrable workmanship warranty!

If you are in need of a roof repair, contact us via our website or Facebook to ensure the job is done right.


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What Do Blood Blisters and Roofs Have In Common?

This past Saturday my daughter Angela, feeling sick, slept downstairs on the couch. In the morning, she informed me that our 6-month-old dog had bitten her foot—her big toe to be precise—during the night.

An initial inspection seemed to confirm, that indeed, some act of violence had been perpetrated against her person. Dried blood was smeared in the troubled area. She testified to having seen the dog’s mouth still upon her foot when she woke.

Except for what seemed like the most obvious evidence ever presented, with an eyewitness to boot, I would have not believed it.

I struggled to imagine why this very peaceful, loving pup would thus turn savage during the night past.

Well, you know what?  Turns out, things are not always as they seem. The evidence lied. What? Yes!

Upon cleaning the affected area, all that remained was a partially opened blood blister.

With the revised view of the situation, and a few moments of re-reflection, we surmised what really happened.

Turns out, my daughter had gained a blister the previous day at basketball. And as it had begun to open, our dog found it and began to lick the wound, administering the only healing balm she knew how.

That’s a lot like roofing.

As we open up roofs, we find types of blood blisters formed by previous bad roofing work.

And it seems like we are the cause and culprit when, in fact, we are only finding and addressing the injury to make it whole once again.

Who do you know that needs the medicine man of roofing industry to solve problems that surely exist, but will remain unknown and never properly addressed by others?

Have them call William C Rott to shield their home.


– Steve Rott

Steve Rott's Dog



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