My kids would rather assume the worst of each other and hunker down for an all out, “I am right, and you are wrong!” hoedown throwdown!

So consequently, it seems like it’s fight night every night at the Rott house. 

But, it turns out, it’s my job to interrupt this amateur MMA event.

I know this because my wife said so. 

And, I’m reasonably good at it. We call timeout, get seated in our version of Camp David—better known as the great room—and get to work.

We hear each other out, allow each other to speak without interruption, and commit. We own what’s ours, apologize, accept, forgive, and move on. It’s good for all parties!

I hope they learn this as a way of life.

That’s a lot like roofing… People assume the worst about contractors and enter the arena of the home-improvement projects combatively; believing they’re right, spoiling for a fight, and consequently not getting a chance to engage in a healthy, productive way.

At William C. Rott, we have people who can come alongside, and act as a facilitator of the learning and decision-making process.

Do you know someone who approaches life in a fearful, combative way? Have them call William C. Rott at (716) 694-8220 for a much needed Détente.

– Steve Rott